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What We Do:

ARES Composite Technology Kft is a Belgian-Hungarian based manufacturing company, specialized in the production and distribution of glass fiber reinforced polyester components. We produce under private label for a variety of industries, such as: the automotive, motorcycle, transportation, construction, interior design, wind energy... and plenty of other sectors.

We design and manufacture products on behalf of professional clients who need glass fiber reinforced polyester components but lack the in-house expertise, staff, installations and equipment, or simply the time to do it themselves. We can assist and/or execute in every stage from the prototype to the final production process: modelling, molding and production in small or large quantities.

Why Choose Us?

Polyester is a very useful material to create an immeasurable amount of products and applications. But composite manufacturing is also a labor intensive craft that requires specific know-how and production space. Our technical team has decades of experience and we operate from a 1.000 m² purpose built facility which guarantees our customers' projects are in competent hands with us.